Retail POS System

Suitable for fashion store, department store, supermarker, ... Commodity stores, furniture stores, stationery stores, snack shops, etc.



Restaurant POS System

Suitable for Chinese and Western tea restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, hotels, snack shops, clubs and other catering services.



Financial Accounting System

Multi-Currency, Multi-Company, Multi-Language, Multi-user, and you can design the financial report by yourself.



ERP Trading & Manufacturing System

From Quotation, Sales Order, P/O, Invoice, Inventory, Job Sheet, Bill of Materials and Material Planning



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One phone referral, unlimited, uncapped, incremental income every month $15,000 至 $28,000

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You can also get extra referral agent commission!

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Cloud Application

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TVP SME funding Program

Suitable for catering and retail industry
and any medium and small business
Up to $600,000 in government funding

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