Trade / Manufacturing ERP system made easy

Quotation system

Automatically generate quotation number
Search relevant customer information from customer master file
Print quotation
Prevent the printed quotation from being modified accidentally
Preset multiple types of reports for analysis
According to the order number, customer information, goods information or
Inquiry according to salesman's quotation data

Purchase order system

Automatically generate purchase order number
Search for supplier information by supplier master file
Multiple purchase according to purchase order
Print purchase order
Prevent the printed purchase order from being modified accidentally
List of goods not received
By order number, supplier or Query purchase order material according to product information

Invoice system

Automatically generate invoice number
Full invoice settlement / manual settlement
Print Invoice, delivery note and monthly statement
Prevent the printed invoice from being modified accidentally
According to the order number, customer information, goods information or
Inquire invoice information according to salesman

BOM system

Multi level BOM creation
Calculate the cost of goods according to BOM
Product material list
BOM contents

Accounting and financial system

General ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable
Post in time
Chinese / English version
Custom report format
The report can be displayed on the screen or saved as a file
Multi user, cloud operation

Sales contract system

Automatically generate sales contract number
Make sales contract according to quotation
Print sales contract
Prevent the printed sales contract from being modified accidentally
List of goods not delivered
According to order number, customer information, customer order or
Query sales contract information according to goods information

Inventory system

Multiple settlement categories
Multi warehouse, multi unit, multi price management
Settlement recovery function
Above / below inventory report
Sales analysis report
Settlement statement
Query stock information by commodity number or name

Production order system

Make production order according to sales contract
Calculate material usage according to BOM
Issue materials according to the material requisition
Unfinished work order report
WIP costing

Security system

Multi level security system
The user level defines the system user
Component hierarchy controls available components
The program level limits the available programs within an assembly

System master file

Company information
Report title text
Currency / warehouse
Unit of measure
Material / finished product
Customer / supplier / salesperson

Choose the suit you need

The package system is suitable for all walks of life. It is designed according to the actual workflow. The components are closely linked and the data are interconnected. Different departments can first use it independently, and when it needs to be expanded, it can be connected into a complete computer system.

Financial Accounting System


Multi company, multi user

ERP manufacturing system


Multi user, all cloud operation

ERP trade system


Multi user, all cloud operation