Free catering POS system

Get a free first year of menu entry and system maintenance
Maintenance fee only (HK$2,100/year)

Catering system subscription plan

Free cloud background management, free mobile app to view data.
It can be used with staff ordering, customer self-service QR code ordering, takeaway QR code ordering, and flexible combinations.
Support multi-machine/multi-store online operation, you can add terminals at any time to match business development!

Food & Beverage POS subscription plan

Free Pericles Restaurant POS system
$ 175
Per Month
  • Only $2100 / year
  • Fee Pericles Restaurant POS system
  • For the first purchase, the food plate is entered into the service
  • First purchase, send restaurant floor plan production

A variety of POS Bundle Packages, special prices !!

Internet outage, cash register can still be operated offline ! (In-store router required) ***

Even peripheral hardware, on-site installation and one-year free maintenance! More thoughtful, more secure!

PERICLES POS Package 1.0

A la carte and billing all-in-one set

Basic Configuration

AIO all-in-one PC
– 17-inch finger-touch display
– Intel CPU (J1900/ I3/ I5)
– Windows operating system (Win 10 Pro)
– Pericles Catering software

– 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD Harddisk
– LAN Card with WiFi
– USB thermal printer
– computer controlled cash register
– Gift: Logitech Wireless Keyboard with mouse

Services Include

– First time free menu item entry
– First time free for floor plan map design
– Cloud platform service for the first year
– On-Site Installation
– Remote Training

PERICLES POS Package 2.0

Take food order on mobile / tablets

The kitchen and water bar are directly ordered

No need to connect to a computer

No network laying is required

The software system includes:

PERICLES POS Package 3.0

Customer QR code self-ordering

The kitchen and water bar are directly ordered

No need to connect to a computer

No network laying is required

The software system includes:

PERICLES POS Package 5.0

QR code takeaway picks up first

The kitchen and water bar are directly ordered

No need to connect to a computer

No network laying is required

The software system includes:

System Introduction

Suitable for all types of catering business

Suitable for all types of catering business Chinese food, western food, restaurants, fast food restaurants, barbecue restaurants, hot pot restaurants, milk tea, desserts and any restaurant

Free hardware configuration

Support most hardware configurations on the market

The catering software can be configured with most of the POS dedicated devices on the market. If there are special configurations, our company also provides overall solutions, you can contact our company。

BBPOS Terminal

Built-in BBPOS API connection, customers can configure their own BBPOS cash registers to directly collect the following transaction payments

VISA , Master Card, AMEX
Alipay / WeChat (Hong Kong and China wallets)
Apple , Samsung & Google Pay

Q & A

Here are the questions frequently asked by general customers

Within one working day after the purchase, installation instructions and related download links will be sent to the customer’s PayPal payment registration email。 Customers can also request us to install and set up by remote control (TeamViewer) during office hours。

Catering software (for Windows) can be configured with most POS-specific devices on the market. The all-cloud version (Web version), operated in a browser, supports all PCs, Apple Macs, iPads, other tablets and mobile phones, etc. If there is a special configuration, the company also provides a holistic solution, you can contact the company.

After purchasing the software, customers will create groups in one of the following social software (Whatsapp, WeChat, QQ), and customers will receive relevant training materials. Problems encountered during learning or use can be raised in the group at any time. When necessary, we will also use telephone and remote control to provide one-to-one real-time operation instructions and solve problems。

The company’s office hours are:
Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm

Technical support time is:
Monday to Sunday: 9 am to 6 pm

Yes! This set of catering software can be used with other catering series of our company, including mobile phone/tablet computer ordering software, customer self-service ordering software and takeaway software, etc. Please feel free to inquire !

System use training is mainly conducted through remote control computer and telephone. In terms of hardware, if you purchase our company’s hardware kit, you will receive one-year free on-site repair and inspection, otherwise you will be charged HK$750 for each on-site repair and inspection.。