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Jinyun professional messenger service company

System development: redevelop a set of computerized system to cooperate with the daily settlement operation of Jinyun express. Track the progress of each part from billing, placing, sending, checking to completion. Combined with staff salary, fare management, customer management and accounting system.
● Receiving and sending all kinds of documents, cargo identification and small cargo transportation, etc.
● Handle government documents, trade department, customs declaration, post office, tax bureau, etc.
● Various services of banks, travel agencies and shipping companies.
● Pay all kinds of private fees, and purchase all kinds of tickets and ship tickets.
● Direct product delivery service.
● A leaflet for the agency.

Tate's Cairn Tunnel Company Limited
Tate's Cairn Tunnel

System development: set up a set of record system of violations and accidents within the tunnel, connect the record files of vehicle owners and drivers of the Hong Kong Transport Department, verify and search information, and issue relevant documents to vehicle owners and drivers.

Gold and silver trade field (CGSE)
The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society

System development: set up a set of Hong Kong gold and silver trading quotation system, connect to Reuters and blog by exchange file, and provide the latest quotation of Hong Kong gold and silver trading in real time. This system is directly connected to the website of “gold and silver trade center”( ), and the information is updated to the content of the web page.

The Best Service Recovery Story... Ever!

The Best Service Recovery Story... Ever!

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