7x24 Auto-Order Taking System

If you are a restaurant or restaurant owner, have you ever thought about...

Under the epidemic ...

How to increase business volume by 10% to 30%?

How to make customers proactively deposit money into your bank account?

How to not be restricted by size of the shop, location and flow of people,to increase the customer base?

Just a QR Code ...

Monthly fee can be as low as HK$150 ***
Do it now!

Purchase other series offers at the same time

Takeaway Ordering System
Three simple steps

( 7x24 Auto-order Taking )

Put the QR code on the leaflet

We provide free takeaway QR code format

Alipay Mobile Payment Qrcode - viarami / Pixabay

Customer scans QR code to place an order

Pay instantly by credit card💳 or PayPal

Shop Order

Instantly receive orders and notify the kitchen to make food

*** Option to have a Cloud Printer to auto-print after receipt

Takeaway Auto-Order Taking System

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Takeaway System: Auto-Order Taking, reduce manual operations, increase customer base, and increase business volume !