Dining Emperor

Cashier system of catering industry
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Special Features

Solve the integrated resource management of chain catering industry related material supplementary procurement, logistics inventory operation, sales management, VIP member management, and consistent operation procedures of ordering and kitchen food, checking out and cash in management

Cloud Processing

Use cloud processing technology to integrate computer retail system shop operations. From the stock, the entrepreneur can carry on stocks management according to the merchandise combination, at the same time may work with the barcode system operation, match to the demands of the shops.

Easy to learn

The simple operation of the system make the user easy to learn, the maintenance and support service of the system is safe to be used.

Restaurant POS System

Main Features, includes:

Shop Management System

Inventory Management System

Back-Office Management System

Sales Analysis System

Key Features

Easy Operation

The screen is simple and easy to understand, the operation is fast and smooth, and the user is extremely convenient. Compiled based on the characteristics of the world and Hong Kong retail industry.

Fully automated network management

The automated system provides fast and accurate payment procedures, which is more in line with the pace of business society. Multiple stores can take admission or exchange information at the same time.

Flexible and diverse

It can be used with BARCODE, and the multi-language function (both in Chinese and English) can be switched at any time.

Integrated computer catering system

Basic Configuration

Order, order and order in one catering system set
– Integrated 17 inch computer with touch screen
– Intel CPU (J1800/J1900/i3)
– 4GB ram, 64GB SSD hard disk, network card and built-in WiFi
– USB thermal printer
– computer controlled cash register
– Gift: Logitech Wireless Keyboard with mouse
– Microsoft Windows operating system (win 10 Pro)
– Pericles Catering software

How to BUY it ?

Payment Method

Delivery within 1-2 weeks after payment.

For Package Set (with Computer Hardware)

On-Site Installation & User Training


One year free maintenance and new version free upgrade