Pericles catering system

This product supports seven days no reason to return, you can buy with peace of mind !

Support both stand-alone version and cloud version
The cloud version can be operated offline and is not affected by the Internet
The desktop can be laid out as a floor plan
Can be used with mobile phone ordering system software
(The waiter uses a mobile phone or tablet to place the order)
Can be used with self-service ordering system software
(Print the countertop QR code, dine-in customer self-ordering)
Can be used with takeaway ordering system software
(The QR code is printed on the takeaway order, and the customer orders at home or outside the shop)

The fee includes one year of catering system maintenance service, and
Free: Restaurant menu entry service
Free: Make restaurant floor plans

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1. From the second year onwards, the catering system maintenance service (including the use of the cloud platform) will cost $1,800/year.
2. The store cloud version is not affected by the unstable Internet. Daily order placement operations can still be maintained when the Internet is disconnected. However, if other mobile phones, self-service, takeaway orders and other functions are used at the same time, it must be used with the Internet.
3. The system supports multi-machine operations, including one store with multiple machines, and multiple stores with multiple machines. Each branch can use different floor plans of the hall and use the same back-end operation to cooperate with chain store operations.
4. Refund arrangement: Customers are not satisfied with the program within seven working days from the date of purchase (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not included). If you are not satisfied with the program, you do not need any reason. Contact us during office hours. If you cancel the relevant activation key, the refund will be returned from the original PayPal transaction within one working day.