Mobile/Tablet Order Taking System

– Mobile/Tablet Taking Order
(Customers need to buy their own mobile or tablet to use)
– No need to connect to a computer for use, no network cabling need

– Mobile/Tablet License three sets
– 2 wireless WiFi printers
– First time food menu input
– Backend admin function
(Customers can change the food menu on their mobile phone)
– The fee includes the first year of cloud database and system maintenance, using operation teaching

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1. Includes first year hardware maintenance.
2. Includes food menu entry service.
3. From the second year onwards, the food and beverage system maintenance service (including the use of the cloud platform) costs $2,100/year.
4. The system can be used with Pericles mobile ordering system for waiters.
5. The system can be combined with Pericles self-ordering system, to print the table QR codes for customers to order instantly through smart phones.
6. The system can be combined with Pericles takeaway ordering system, just print the QR Code on the takeaway leaflet, and customers can order food at home and outside the store, through smart phones.